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Buying recruitment tools – how to find your perfect fit!

Picking a recruitment tool really isn't an easy decision. This is why we decided to offer you a helping hand with a couple of simple pointers. You are..

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The art of attracting candidates with your career page

79 % of the jobseekers find your career page as the single most important source of information when they are looking for a new job.* The career page..

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3 TED-talks for HR managers looking to stay ahead

TED-talks make up an amazing source for knowledge and inspiration with it's vitalizing format and energizing speakers from all around the world.


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We are clarifying our brand and changing our company name from GlobeSoft to ReachMee

On 1 March, GlobeSoft is changing its company name to ReachMee in all the markets the company operates in. This is a natural change, since most people..

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What did you eat for breakfast this morning? Crazy CVs and even crazier interview questions

Now and again, a CV falls into your lap that makes you double-take. LinkedIn did a study about this, asking recruiters what the oddest CV they received..

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Recruiting and social media

Of the world’s population, more people own a cellphone than a toothbrush. 53% of them are born in the first 10 years of the 21st century, and would..

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Simpler advertising via Jobbsafari

We make it even easier for our customers to reach more qualified candidates and as a step in that process, we have begun a partnership with..

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Do it right the first time!

Most of us are aware that recruiting incorrectly can be costly, but the question is: how costly? The numbers below can be a needed wakeup call, and.. Read more »

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