3 TED-talks for HR managers looking to stay ahead


3 TED-talks for HR managers looking to stay ahead

TED-talks make up an amazing source for knowledge and inspiration with it's vitalizing format and energizing speakers from all around the world.

While it started of as a conference on Tech, Education & Design, we find ourselves spoiled with plenty of great talks on the subject of HR. We picked out three talks with different perspectives on HR. Each talk is between 8 and 12 minutes long and well worth some of your spare time.



The resume is just a paper, aspirations create results

Possessing the most rounded or interesting resume among a list of candidates may not actually be solid proof that one is the best fit for a job listing. Especially not when it comes to junior positions.

HR-veteran Regina Hartley helps us identify why and how we can, and should, find talents looking for a purpose, mission and portraying an appetite for progress.

Regina Hartley: Why the best hire might not have the perfect resume
Views: 2,5 millions
Length: 10 minutes 31 seconds

Insights for the HR-manager: Work is a marathon, not a sprint. The best hires are those who join your compaby to realize a dream or passion.

Unemployment rates are temporary - recruitment challenges remain

Recruitment processes are expensive and slow, and more often than not we find that there are far more job applicants than offered positions. A lot of media has focused on "a lost generation" and massive job shortages. Rainer Starck, however, begs to differ. Rather than heading into an age of mass unemployment, we are heading for an age of job abundance. There are solutions, but companies must prepare now.

Rainer Strack: The surprising workforce crisis of 2030 and how to start solving it now
Views: 1.5 millions 
Length: 12 minutes 47 seconds

Insights for the HR-manager:  Trends are temporary. The challenges of 2020 and 2030 must be prepared for, today. 

Work is more than salary 

The debate of fair salaries has been present throughout all ages of HR and ever since Generation X joined the workforce we have held discussions regarding work/life-balance. Now that Generation Y is entering we are talking about motivation and talents, what actually makes us take on daunting tasks? Barry Schwartz presents underlying factors that make up our idea of work quality.

Barry Schwartz: The way we think about work is broken 
Vews: 2 millions 
Length: 8 minutes 2 seconds

You might recognize the argumentation, but Barry Schwartz has a particularly talented way to put words on the issue.

Insights for the HR-manager: Take the time to understand the motivators ot your co-workers, what makes them tick and how they define an ideal workplace.

You can find more talks at www.ted.com.


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