The art of attracting candidates with your career page


The art of attracting candidates with your career page


79 % of the jobseekers find your career page as the single most important source of information when they are looking for a new job.* The career page has become critical, and designing it has become more difficult; with the rise of mobile comes the rise of mobile job search. In fact: 3 out of 5 job seekers use their smartphones when job seeking. Are you really utilizing your career page's full potential in it's ability to capture talent?

Quick and easy

As important as it is to have a nice looking career page, what is even more important is the application process. It must be easy for any prospect to send an application, whether it is by using their smartphone, computer or portable reading device. The career page is often times one of the most popular pages on your website and gives you the opportunity to persuade a potential candidate. Your career page is also a chance to give a candidate a great first impression of your company, and strengthen your brand.

Keep in mind
        • The application process must be easy. A prospect should have no problem applying from the computer, phone or reading pad. Many recruitment systems already have this built-in.
        • Social tools are important to get the most possible traction. Social tools lets your employees or fans share your latest opportunities and makes it easy for you to share the position within your company.
        • Make sure your career page os responsive, so that it's easy-to-use and attractive for candidates using other devices than their computer.
        • The career page should be fully integrated into your website, whether you designed it yourselves or integrated it from your recruitment system.
        • Engage your candidates by using video and images.

*Potentialparks, Online Talent Communication (OTaC) Study 2013


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